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How-to articles, expert interviews, and other stories about IT certification.
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Even More Ways to Study Effectively for a Certification Exam

There are even more ways to successfully study for a certification exam than those ennumerated earlier this week. Ed Tittel takes the baton from Aaron Axline with further recommendations and a popular (and free) e-book on the subject.

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How to Study Effectively for a Certification Exam

There are many different ways to study for your next certification exam. There are study techniques that will serve you well, price however, no matter what specific approach you find most effective.

MeasureUp Goes Mobile with Array of Certification Practice Exams

Lots of busy IT pros have to make room for certification preparation wherever they can. MeasureUp is using mobile technology to deliver practice tests anytime, try anywhere that you can get a connection.

The Shockwave Flash Plugin Hates Your Browser and What to Do About That

Thoughts on web browser plugins, instability and certification after waking up in the middle of the night. One man's struggle to settle the hash of Adobe's Shockwave Flash.

April Employment Figures Signal "Back to the Swamps!"

The employment numbers for April are here, but economy watchdogs probably wish that they weren't. After an uptick at the end of last year, the U.S. economy is sliding back into incremental slow growth mode.

CompTIA Named a Leading Small Business Employer for Fifth Straight Year

Want to get a job at one of the Best Places to Work in Illinois? First move to Illinois. But then consider looking for an opening with the Computing Technology Industry Association.

Choose A) Performance-Based Test, or B) Multiple Choice Test

There's a lot of discussion about whether it makes more sense to use performance-based exams or multiple choice exams in certification. An either/or view of the situation, however, may not be the best approach to take.

My Certification Journal No. 4: Using Practice Exams

IT industry technical writer and journalist Aaron Axline continues the chronicle of his training experiences as he prepares for Microsoft's MCSA: Windows 7 certification exams.

BCS Seeks IT Innovations for Annual UK IT Industry Awards

Know of a technology innovator in the United Kingdom? The BCS wants to honor the leading U.K. technology innovations of the past year and is now seeking nominations for its annual awards show.

Microsoft Retires Old Certification Exams to Make Room for New Ones

The annual list of Microsoft certification retirements takes on added interest in a year with Windows 10 in the on-deck circle. Ed Tittel takes a long look at what's on the way out.

Six Table-Setting Security Certs and One Main Course

So you're on the cusp of a career in IT security, but uncertain where to begin. These six certs will get you started — and point you in the direction of the industry standard for security certification.

Flabbergasting Facts About Social Media Certification — You Won't Believe No. 14!

Do you really need a certification to make stuff go — infectious? — on Facebook andTwitter? Anyone can make a Vine or throw a photo on Instagram. So why certify?

How to Save on the High Cost of Getting an IT Certification

Getting a certification can help increase your earning power — if you can afford the certification, that is. Even if you're low on funds, however, you can still make a certification move.

Epic Certification Could Help You Settle Into Healthcare IT

Epic is a company that makes medical records database software. It's not easy to get certified to use their product, but it could certainly be worth your while.

Cisco Seeks to Reinvent Tech Ed and Skills Development with New SaaS Platform

With the launch of the Cisco Collaborative Knowledge (CCK), order the uber-networking company seeks to define and occupy a new niche in the virtual landscape.