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CompTIA HIT-001 Healthcare IT Technician Exam

To pass the HIT-001 exam, you'll need to demonstrate your IT skills and prove you understand the healthcare world.

CompTIA’s HIT-001 Healthcare IT Technician certification demonstrates that you have the basic knowledge needed to enter the Healthcare IT field. The Healthcare IT (HIT) field is booming with development in technology and migration from paper records to electronic records. It is one of the fastest growing fields in IT today. Jobs are being created constantly and the market is still trying to meet the demands.

Is this healthcare or IT? It’s an honest question that many are struggling to decide. This is particularly difficult for an instructor who is trying to figure out where this certification belongs in their curriculum. My experience demonstrates that this is definitely a technology certification.

Breakdown of the Exam Objectives

You can download the objectives for the exam at Over half the exam is to verify IT skills, and the rest of the exam is to confirm IT people know how to relate to the healthcare world. I felt the exam placed a heavier emphasis on IT knowledge because, after all, this is an IT certification. The healthcare knowledge was, however, not ignored. Make sure you know both well. The five domains of the exam are:

Domain% of Examination
1.0  Regulatory Requirements 13%
2.0  Organizational Behavior 15%
3.0  IT Operations 26%
4.0  Medical Business Operations 25%
5.0  Security 21%

Prerequisite Knowledge You'll Need

When CompTIA created the HIT-001 Healthcare IT Technician certification, they intended the test taker to already have earned the A+ certification or have 500+ hours of hands-on IT technical experience.  The A+ exam tests the following skills:

  • Fundamentals of computer technology
  • Installation and configuration of PCs, laptops, and related hardware
  • Basic networking
  • Skills required to install and configure PC operating systems
  • Configure common features (such as network connectivity and email) for mobile operating systems Android and Apple iOS

I felt the IT questions on the HIT-001 exam required just as much knowledge depth in IT operations as the questions on the A+ exam. If you don’t already have your A+ certification, download and review the A+ objectives from and make sure you are prepared to answer a question about any of the A+ objectives.