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Oracle 1Z0-047: SQL Experts Only Need Apply

Do you understand Oracle SQL forwards and backwards?  This exam challenges you to prove it.

1Z0-047: Oracle Database SQL Expert is an exam in the Oracle Expert series that leads to the “Oracle Database SQL Certified Expert” certification. SQL is absolutely essential for interacting with the Oracle database. Having an in-depth knowledge of the language is useful for DBAs, developers, and end-users alike. This exam is primarily targeted at Oracle professionals who already have significant experience writing and using Oracle SQL. The topics on the exam cover a wide range of capabilities, from common daily usage to SQL commands and functions rarely utilized even by experts.

Oracle currently has three exams that test SQL knowledge, but only the 1Z0-047 exam results in a certification with no additional requirements. The other two are intended only to verify that candidates have a basic understanding of the SQL language. The newer of the two exams 1Z0-051: Oracle 11G: SQL Fundamentals appears to have a significant degree of commonality with 1Z0-047 based solely on the amount of shared subject matter. The SQL Expert exam has thirty-eight topics that are also in the 1Z0-051 SQL Fundamentals exam. However, these are not the focus of 1Z0-047 and are in place more as notice that a fundamental knowledge of SQL is required. If you take the SQL Expert exam without knowing basic SQL syntax and functions, you are very unlikely to be pleased with your final score.

The similarity in topics between 1Z0-047 and 1Z0-051 and the fact that either can be used to meet the SQL requirement for the DBA and Developer certification tracks has led some test candidates to believe that the two exams are interchangeable. I see posts from candidates that have failed 1Z0-047 on various certification forums more than any other Oracle exam. This test is not an easy one to pass. Beyond the topics inherited from the SQL Fundamentals exam, 1Z0-047 covers a number of SQL topics, including:

  • Querying the data dictionary
  • Controlling access through privileges and roles
  • Using DDL to manage schema objects
  • FLASHBACK operations
  • External tables
  • Multitable INSERTs
  • Using the MERGE command
  • Using the ROLLUP, CUBE, GROUPING, and GROUPING SETS functions
  • Deal with time zones and use datetime functions
  • Using Subqueries
  • Writing queries using the WITH clause
  • Using hierarchical queries
  • Using Regular Expression functions